Artichoke Spread

About Us

        Our philosophy is simple: most of us should aim to eat a lot more plant foods. Research shows how beneficial a predominantly plant based diet can be to our health and the planet even if we can't commit to being 100% vegan. Enters Earthlie, your friendly neighbourhood vegan food delivery system that packs a punch in the flavour department : our aim is to make a healthier lifestyle feel like a breeze. We believe that in order for all those plant foods to make it into your belly every single week, they must taste incredible ! Being heavily influenced by our cultural backgrounds, we bring to your door the tastes of India, Algeria and Cyprus (amongst others) with a healthy twist. Always delicious, never boring !

        We are foodies passionate about healthy eating and sustainability and we channel this interest in every single one of our recipes. We know the struggle of balancing a busy schedule and proper nutrition on a daily basis and we see our service as a form of self care : not only to your body but also to your mind, knowing that your fridge is full of fantastic meals ready to be devoured without making you feel sluggish or guilty. From the earth to our stove to your home, we deliver our homemade meals biweekly (no big machine or factory) in order to ensure our products retain their freshness and nutritional values and take you through your work week with excitement. The convenience of delicious food without compromising your nutritional needs !