How it works


Browse through our selection of fresh delicious meals which is updated weekly and select a minimum of 5 meals to fill up your fridge. We deliver twice a week so that our meals stay as fresh as possible. Check out the top of our "order online" page to see when the next delivery is programmed. We also offer discounts for subscriptions. For more information, write to us and share your ideal plan. We will be happy to accommodate most schedules. 


Our meals are all entirely homemade (yes even the seitan and the ketchup) in our kitchen by ourselves. We are a small operation, not a big corporation full of big machines. We love the idea of bringing to you nourishing and flavourful food just the way you would make it in your own kitchen minus the hassle. All of our meals are extremely healthy, nutritionally balanced and have a minimum of 20 g of protein ! We favour whole grains in all of our recipes and hope to make you discover ingredients that wouldn't ordinarily be on your weekly shop while undoubtedly satisfying your tastebuds !


Our meals, which are packaged in entirely compostable containers (including the bags, and stickers), are delivered on the day they are cooked for optimal flavour and nutrition, between 6 pm and 9 pm. We understand that you might not be home at this time and are happy to leave your meals in a safe location if mentioned ahead of time. Simply put them in the fridge for easy storage. As a small business, we currently only have the capacity to deliver locally around Twickenham but hope to expand further very soon. If you live outside our catchment area but relatively close, feel free to contact us and inquire as we might be able to make exceptions. 


Simply warm up your meal in its packaging for 3 min in the microwave within 3 days of delivery for optimal freshness. Our meals can also be consumed cold if preferred which makes them the perfect on the go and compact lunch to carry around on a busy day. Enjoy the goodness within minutes with the knowledge that you are treating your body just as much as your palate.