At Earthlie, we believe that we have a great responsibility when it comes to having sustainable practices and we thrive to prioritise these in every single aspect of our business. We do not claim to be perfect or to always get it right but we truly try our best as we consider it our duty and want to walk the walk and not just talk the talk (greenwashing is for loosers !). We aim to grow in our understanding of these issues with our business and improve our practices on a regular basis.


A vegan diet has been recognised by a number of experts as the single most effective way to protect the planet on an individual level. Factory farming (which is by far the most common and for many the only way of accessing animal products) is not only incredibly cruel to animals but also produces extraordinary amounts of Co2, methane and nitrous oxide. In this context, we strongly believe that providing an alternative that does not include animal products eases the path to sustainability to many.


Our containers are made of cardboard and starch and are fully compostable in an industrial compost which Richmond local authority provides. Our flyers are printed on recycled paper and just like our stickers and carrier bags are fully compostable. We truly believe we have chosen the best option available when it comes to disposable packaging. However, we believe that sustainability should also include human welfare and we are unfortunately, as a small start up, unable at this stage to verify ourselves the labour practices of the companies that produce those items. We hope to be able to do this in the future and ensure the welfare of all the workers that are contributing to the Earthlie magic ! We also plan on developing a system involving reusable containers that we would collect from our customers on a weekly basis and re-use. Because composting is great but reusing is even better !


We are a small enterprise and are involved at every stage of the process including the produce sourcing ! We attempt to reduce our consumption of plastic as much as possible when it comes our produce by using reusable bags. However, some of the items we purchase are already wrapped in plastic and we do not yet have the means to circumvent this issue. We are aware of the abusive labour practices in place in some farms (including the ones supplying the majority of our supermarkets) and once again, do not have the capacity at this stage to ensure that the products originating from those farms do not end up being a part of our business. This issue is very close to our heart and we commit to continuously invest in this area as our business grows. We are also looking to  collaborate with small local producers to bring to you as many of their products as we can while keeping the cost of our meals reasonable. We look to strengthen our collaboration in the future in order not only to limit the mileage of our produce but to promote the fantastic and often difficult job of our local growers. In addition, our turmeric comes directly from the garden of our family back in Kerala and is grown entirely organically !



Our meals are some of the most affordable on the market when it comes to fresh vegan and nutritious ready meals ! However, we understand that they remain inaccessible to many. While lowering our prices is impossible without compromising on quality, we are looking to develop alternatives to make healthy eating accessible to more people such as organising cooking classes and providing low income families with free meals. We also commit to developing a corporate social responsibility policy within our first year of business which would have at its heart low income families interested in healthy food.

               We are proud of the efforts we have made so far to bring to you the convenience of healthy eating without compromising the ethical aspects intrinsically linked to this process and will continue to thrive to improve even further. We would love to hear your feedback and your opinions about this !